Jon Barno of American Junkie

Jon Barno of American Junkie

And you’ll probably run into the guy if you spend any time in the Scottsdale restaurant/bar when he’s not working the door with a flashlight and a clicker, he’s serving up drinks, or hanging out with a few friends on the bar’s huge front patio.

Actually, the only time you won’t catch him anywhere near American Junkie is when the bar hosts the Ohio State football games. Barno’s from Michigan and says he might get himself thrown out if the bar ever hosted a Ohio State vs. Michigan game.

We caught up with Barno, who dished on his time behind the ropes .

Token Crazy Bar Story:

I made [Amar’e] Stoudemire wait half an hour to get in during my first month working here .

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We were at capacity and he gave me so much shit; fake identity websites he flashed his card and couldn’t believe I wasn’t letting him in. Everything you’ve heard about the guy is probably true he and his friends come here, eat the free ice cream, slap girls’ asses as they walk by, and then don’t tip.

On Athletes and Training Season:

I actually hate when the athletes pull out their athletic cards or try to name drop. I mean, what does it do for me? best fake id sites Are you going to give me free tickets if I show up to the arena?

And you’d be surprised how many girls fall for guys who just say they’re athletes because they work out and happen to be in Scottsdale. I mean, I could say I’m an athlete . not that I’d need to .

Best part of the job?

I’ve been here for 11 months, before that I worked at Acme and Martini Ranch. Something that’s really cool about here is that the waitstaff, fake ids door guys, and bartenders all hang out together. We’re like a family. That’s why I’m here all the time.

How good are you at spotting a fake ID?

If I tell you what to look for, you’d get pretty good at it, too. It used to be easier when people just had fake IDs made, fake id generator but now they use their older sister or brother’s.

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